Copy of Maintain of WriteWalls surfaces

Cleaning and maintenance procedure for WriteWall / WriteWallPaint surfaces.

We recommend the following cleaning procedure as well as the recommended accessories continuously will be applied on WriteWall surfaces. –

View selection on for daily use of WriteWall surfaces.

Markers should lie down or stand so the ink drop down to cork, and always with the cork set completely on, when they are not used.

For wiping, erasing and cleaning WriteWallPaint surfaces use always WriteWall Miracle cloth, or a Microfiber cloth.

If it’s time for a little extra cleaning, then use a clean Microfiber cloth moistened with WriteWalls "MiracleWater". Dry with a dry and clean Microfiber cloth afterwards.


Occasional/Monthly cleaning:

Use only a clean Microfiber cloth moistened with WriteWalls "Miracle water". Dry it with a clean microfiber cloth. – If needed, then repeat the treatment.

For extra color and persistent dirt, apply household alcohol and after use a clean cloth moistened in WriteWalls "MiracleWater". – If needed then repeat.

Only use Microfiber cloth with light hand when you use rubbing alcohol or when cleaning your surfaces.


Never use:

Abrasive materials such as scouring sponges, sharp objects and similar tools who could damage the surfaces.

Never use ordinary pens, ball point pen, permanent markers, cleaning materials and articles, which give off fat membrane, or leaves a chemical "film", products with acid or similar.

Use of other brands than WriteWalls recommended markers and cleaning fluid, these products should, as a minimum, always be of the same brand, so that they are adapted to each other.


WriteWall Support & Services:

Contact us for advice and the provision of proper accessories by Phone

+ 45 20 84 21 31 or by E-mail