AquaWrite High Performance Whiteboard paint

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Think big, think long, think broadly, think of all colors and surface possible, without joints, without chalk dust that your upcoming whiteboard.

Particularly suitable for anyone who wants to create creativity-promoting environments, for both fun, work and learning. 


Each 5 m2 kit contains:
 5 m2 of AquaWrite Whiteboard paint
1 liter of AquaWrite Whiteboard primer (enough for 2 times primer)
18 cm. paint roller
1 miracle cloth
1 whiteboard marker

 AquaWrite whiteboard paint: Download bruchure

-5 M2 / High Gloss / CLEAR / WHITE

-2K Water-based high performance Whiteboard paint including primer.

-Dilutable (White 5 m2 AquaWrite whiteboard paint must be thinned with 50 ml. Water - Clear 5 m2 AquaWrite whiteboard paint must be thinned with 75 ml. water.)

-Writeable after only 3 days, fully cured thereafter.

-Prime And installs the same day.

-single Coat, single layer setup.

-UV Resistant / 10 year warranty against yellowing.

-Incredible Surface easy to clean and maintain.

-Can Be combined with WriteWallPaints Mag +, Magnetic attractive glass felt.

-Invented And developed in Denmark

AquaWrite Whiteboard Primer CLEAR / WHITE: Download bruchure

Acryl - Very Water Resistant - Water dilute bar – Anti Scratch

Application: Whiteboard primer, Anti scratch, corrosion protective priming of steel plates, supporting structures, inside and outside.

For drywall, Wood, Metal and most plastic.

Features: Well adherent, anticorrosive and elastic.

Pretreatment: The surface cleaned of oil, grease and rust.

Application: Brush, spray or roller.

Gloss: Semi matt

Coverage: Ca. 10 m2 per. liter

Drying time: ca. 45 min

Retreatment after: 5 - 6 hours with AquaWrite Whiteboard paint

Dilute: Water