Installation guide

Installation guide

WriteWallPaint AquaWrite CLEAR whiteboard paint installation.

Follow the video or read the easy steps below in order to get the most out of your new WriteWallPaint products.

Prepare the following tools:

  1. Light
  2. Gloves
  3. Protection glasses
  4. Fresh air mask
  5. Brush
  6. Roll bracket
  7. 5 mm high finish fiber rolls
  8. Roll bucket or roll tray
  9. Tape, blue
  10. Stirrer
  11. Measuring cup for ml.
  12. Covering cardboard / plastic
  13. Cloth
  14. Water
  15. Moisture meter

01 Initial Layer

WriteWallPaints AquaWrite 2k water-based whiteboard paint transforms any well-crafted surface into a writable whiteboard. Keep in mind that the surface will be as good to write as the initial layer allows. Our primer and paint can be installed on top of almost all closed non-absorbent surfaces. Always choose a 100% acrylic paint gloss 10-20 as the background color, in either WHITE or the colour you want, and let it dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Remember to follow all drying times on all treatments as AquaWrite whiteboard primer and paints react strongly to water. Make therefore sure that the substrate is dry and well-executed. Use a moisture gauge if any doubts arise or wait to install. Also check that there is no moisture in the roller you use.

Cover and frame the areas you want as WriteWalls. Ideally use blue tape where the attachment is limited and best for the initial layer. The surface selected as the future WriteWall should be smooth, closed and non-contaminated, and subsequently the surface should be treated with WriteWallPaint AquaWrite whiteboard primer to finish before the installation of AquaWrite whiteboard paint.

02 Prime

Always choose a 100% acrylic paint gloss 10-20 as the background color, in either WHITE or the color you want, and let it dry for a minimum of 24 hours, or according to the instructions supplied by the supplyer. Use light, inspect the newly painted areas from all angles, and always paint with the light. In order to achieve the best adhesion and performance, it is necessary to prime the surface with primer( we recommend the AquaWrite whiteboard).

Use a 5 mm high finish fibre roll. The roll should be taped and the tape must then be torn off again to remove excess fibres if necessary. Replace the surface with dirt, dust and irregularities to ensure that the surface is perfectly for installing either AquaWrite Ready or White whiteboard primer. A coloured surface will still be visible through AquaWrite Clear Whiteboard Primer. AquaWrite whiteboard primer has a drying time of 5-6 hours at 20 degrees centigrade and ordinary air humidity, which enables AquaWrite Whiteboard paint to be installed the same day, under the same conditions.

03 Mix

Mix component A + B and stir thoroughly for at least 3 minutes (do not shake). Make sure to get all content out of the cans, otherwise this may have a negative outcome for the desired writable performance. Possible thickening material found in the bottom of the cans on bases must be thoroughly stirred in. After mixing component A + B, add to AquaWrite 5 m2 CLEAR version + water as specified, for 5 m2 WHITE version + water as specified and stir thoroughly again for a minimum of 3 minutes. After that, the finished mix must rest for a minimum of 15 minutes and finally be stirred again before the application takes place. Mix for no more than 20 m2, as AquaWrite whiteboard paints dry quickly. Once the mixing of the components has taken place, you have approx. 45 minutes to install. Important, the thinning of water must take place immediately after stirring component A + B. We recommend a light ventilation, without exposure to dust, and ensure that the safety rules are observed.

04 Application

AquaWrite whiteboard paint is to be applied in a single, moderately evenly distributed layer, with an even roll structure. Never stretch the paint that has been carefully calculated. There is no more or less in each kit than the number of m2 specified. Stretching the paint will cause a negative outcome and reduce the otherwise desired performance capability. Install only at temperatures between 18-21 degrees centigrade, and without direct heat or cold, as well as at a humidity of approx. 60%.

Always paint with the light, and make sure that no traces or grease edges are left behind. Make sure the roller is dry before installation takes place, and is well worn into the whiteboard paint before using on the surface. AquaWrite whiteboard paints dry quickly when the paint is applied to a surface. Therefore, paint only 2 roll lengths and complete the area you are using. When rolling, the paint from the roll is deposited strategically in tempo and evenly distributed. Do not go back to where you previously have painted as it will tear up in the paint and create a double layer after a brief time.

Crop only 1-meter access so pruning and rolling can now be painted wet in wet. Roll up and down at least 7 to 10 times, after which the area that has just been painted should be considered as finished work. Too thick layers, too thin layers, double layers (not wet in wet) and dusty layers are not useable. Use light and inspect the newly painted areas from all angles. At large surfaces it may be advantageous to be two people, one to roll and one to crop. Ventilation is recommended if possible during installation of AquaWrite whiteboard paint, apply mask and necessary safety measures applicable to each region or country - See the included data sheets.

05 Finish

After the installation, it is important to let the surface rest, without dust whirling or any contact with the newly painted surface.1 hour after your perfect installation of AquaWrite whiteboard paint has taken place, the time comes for potential tape to be removed. If the tape has dried up with the paint, cut the edge away from the tape. Other coverings should be removed only when the surface is dry. Now there are only 3 days left for WriteWalling and great ideas to take place.

06 WriteWalling in 3 days

Congratulations on your successful installation of WriteWallPaint AquaWrite whiteboard paint. It takes only 3 days before the surface ready for use. Afterwards you are free to go crazy with your standard whiteboard markers. If you are not satisfied with your installation, you can re-paint the surface with primer 72 hours after your first installation.

07 Maintenance

Always only use Micro fibre cloths for wiping WriteWallPaint surfaces. Use hot water supplied with a Micro fibre cloth, or WriteWallPaint Miracle Water, for daily cleaning as and when needed. Never use flexible board sponges or other material that can scratch or otherwise damage the surface. With severe colour impact throughout time from whiteboard markers, the surface can be neutralized with rubbing alcohol and water. Repeat the process until the surface is free of colour, and always finish off with Miracle Water whenever rubbing alcohol has been used. If you treat your new WriteWall surface well and following the instructions, the joy will be long-lived. If you have questions, concerns, wishes or need for installation support, please contact us by e-mail at mail or via phone +45 56 28 21 31, or your supplier.